The Villages Hotel – 7 Night Scuba Diving Package

The Villages Hotel at Kiritimati – Christmas Islands

7 Night Scuba Diving Package

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The Villages Hotel at Kiritimati Christmas Island

7-nights Scuba Diving Package – US$2150 per person/double occupancy (+$450 for private single room if available)

There’s only one thing better than a scuba diving holiday, and that’s a scuba diving holiday in paradise. Just two degrees north of the Equator, Kiritimati (or Christmas Island) has the largest land area of any coral atoll on earth. 1300 miles south of Hawaii, this exquisite wildlife sanctuary is the stuff of dreams for anyone from the novice to the serious diver.

The hustle and bustle of modern life can be difficult to deal with, so give yourself the magic of a diving holiday in this largely-unknown, outstandingly beautiful location. You will live in a remote village in the region, and fully embrace village life, leaving the modern world behind. The friendly villagers love meeting new people and are delighted to welcome you to their beautiful home.

The coral reef itself starts in the clear shallows before a dramatic drop into the deep blue of the ocean, with an incredible 83 species of hard and soft corals. Seemingly endless varieties of tropical reef fish will dart around you as you dive. You may also see Manta Rays and Spotted Eagle Rays, with turtles and sharks as less common visitors. On very rare occasions, whale sharks are sometimes seen.

Another feature of our dives are the shipwrecks which have become home to a wide variety of marine life – our wreck and night dives are moored or anchored to the site, and the majority of our dives are drift-style.

Kiritimati is a click away. Book today, and visit paradise.

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Our trips can cater to all sorts of adventurers with enough potential destinations to give even the most avid travelers something new to see. Ride into exotic coastlines as you surf oceanic waves. Explore the mysteries of the deep by diving off of secluded island coasts or from a ship surrounded by water.  Relax with family and friends as you share dinner on a quiet beach or on the deck while you discuss each day’s experiences. For more information about Ocean Adventures International’s exotic locales, continue looking through the website or contact us directly to let us help match you with an adventure travel destination that’s as unique as you are.

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