Sunset Horizon Lodge at Kiritimati – 7 Night Surfing / Kiteboarding Package

Sunset Horizon Lodge at Kiritimati – Christmas Islands

7 Night Surfing/Kiteboarding Package

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Sunset Horizon Lodge at Kiritimati Christmas Island

7-nights Surfing/Kiteboarding Package US$1599 per person/double occupancy (+250 for private single room if available)

Surfing and kiteboarding are all about the connection that forms between the surfer and the ocean as the board slices through the roiling energy of the vast blue. As part dance and part battle, the best experience requires a truly phenomenal partner. At the Sunset Horizon Lodge on Kiritimati Island, after wanking up and a boat ride, you will come face-to-face with the unbridled energy of the Pacific Ocean first thing in the morning, setting the tone for a day of bright sunlight and tall waves. In addition to the impressive waves at nearby Paris Beach, the island is blessed with endless flat lagoons and constant offshore winds, making it the ideal destination for windsurfing as well.

Staying at the Sunset Horizon Lodge combines the essentials of comfort with exotic scenery and the slow pace of life away from the bustle of packed buildings, roads, and beaches. For lunch, feast on local dishes including fresh fish right out of the water at one of the beachside tables and take a nap under the golden rays to regain the strength to wrestle with the ocean once more. When the day is winding down, you and your friends can watch the sun disappear behind the distant horizon while the ocean whispers what it has in store for you tomorrow as the waves crash into the sand. The local guides can also take you to the other beaches on the island to show you more of the ocean’s personality if you have a spirit for adventure.

Whether you’re an experienced boarder looking for the best beaches in the world or looking to feel the ocean under your feet for the first time, the Sunset Horizon Lodge is a mystical haven awaiting surfers, windsurfers, and kiteboarders to come and find themselves in the steady waves of island life. 

*Kiteboarding, Stand-up Paddleboarding, surfing and windsurfing guests will need to provide their own boards and equipment as there are no rentals or supplies on the island.

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