Adventure to Antarctica – Southbound

Travel Period
October 22, 2018


$ 7752 per person

Southern Hemisphere Adventure to Antarctica – Southbound

Montevideo - Patagonia - Falkland Islands - Antarctica -Ushuaia

On this adventure you will experience South America, Patagonia, the Falkland Islands – and Antarctica. See penguins, seals and whales. Take hikes on the ice and go kayaking in among icebergs. Our extensive on-board program, excursions and activities make this a dream for any adventurer, not matter your age.

Experience Antarctica, Patagonia, the Falklands and South America

See the amazing wildlife of the southern hemisphere, some up close

Come ashore in Antarctica and go kayaking in the most remote place on Earth

Wide-ranging science program and Young Explorers Program


On this adventure, there is no need to restrain your enthusiasm! This expedition includes all the highlights of the southern hemisphere.

From Urban Adventure to the Most Remote Place On Earth in a Few Days

First, enjoy big city life in Montevideo, before embarking on MS Midnatsol. After a day at sea, we arrive Puerto Madryn, gateway to the Valdez Peninsula, a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its abundant wildlife. Here you can encounter some of the largest marine animals in their natural environment.

Fabulous Falklands

A different wilderness and cultural experience awaits on the Falklands. Sheep graze next to penguin colonies, while red English buses and cozy pubs dot the villages and towns.

Mind-Blowing Antarctica

We cross the Drake Passage to explore the most remote place on planet Earth. The Antarctic ice cap covers 98% of the continent and is the largest single mass of ice in the world. This is a wilderness teeming with life. Come ashore to meet the penguins in their noisy and crowded colonies.

Join the Expedition Team and explore the icy shores of Antarctica with landings to get a close look at penguins and seals, enjoy kayaking and visits to the most fascinating places. On board, interesting lectures, the science center, our Young Explorers Antarctica program, workshops and the photo and optics test center will take your exploration to a new and entertaining level.

We round off this adventure by spending two days crossing the Drake Passage to Ushuaia.

Price Includes:

  • Hurtigruten expedition in cabin grade of your choice on a full-board basis
  • Economy flight Ushuaia to Buenos Aires
  • Wind- and water- resistant jacket
  • Landings with small boats and activities on board and ashore
  • Professional English-speaking expedition team that gives lectures and accompnaies landings and activities
  • Complimentary tea and coffee
  • Complimentary use of Muck Boot rubber boots
  • Transfer from ship to airport in Ushuaia
  • Economy-class flight from Ushuaia to Buenos Aires

Not Included:

  • International flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Luggage handling
  • Optional excursions and gratuities

Cruise Itinerary

This is an expedition where the elements rule, and weather, wind and ice conditions determine our final schedule. Safety is paramount and the captain will decide the sailing itinerary during the voyage. Therefore, this itinerary is just an indication of what you can experience, and why every expedition with Hurtigruten is unique.

October 22, 2018

Departure port


Location : Montevideo

Montevideo boasts colorful cultural diversity, with a picturesque blend of colonial Spanish, Italian and Art Deco architectural styles. Long considered one of South America’s most interesting cities, you can visit the Ciudad Vieja (Old Town) with its 18th century buildings, the vibrant Mercado del Puerto, the bustling Avenida 18 de Julio with its numerous theatres, museums and art galleries, and the stretch of white, sandy beaches surrounding the city before embarking on MS Midnatsol for your adventure.

DAY 1 - Filled to the Brim with Experiences

Location : At Sea

Enjoy the first day on board! The Expedition Team will start the lecture program covering history and the great explorers, marine biology, wildlife, oceanography and climate change. Spend some time on deck and enjoy the sun and the warm temperatures and look out for wildlife as we make out way south.

DAY 2 - Wildlife-spotting and Lectures

Location : Puerto Madryn

The first highlight on this expedition is our visit to the Valdez Peninsula. This is a nature reserve that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Situated on Argentina’s barren eastern Patagonian coast, this oddly shaped peninsula is home to some of the country’s most dramatic wildlife habitats, with elephant seals, Magellan penguins, the southern right whale and a great variety of birds. Puerto Madryn is known as the gateway to whales, penguins… and Welsh traditions. Founded by Welsh immigrants in 1865, it is now one of the most vibrant cities in Patagonia, with a beautiful coastal avenue overlooking the huge natural amphitheatre of Nuevo Gulf. Enjoy our wide variety of excursions like horseback riding, snorkelling with sea lions, kayaking with sea lions, whale watching or visit Estancia San Lorenzo where you will see wildlife including rheas (flightless, ostrich-like birds), guanacos (related to alpacas and llamas) and elephant seals.

DAY 3-4 - First of Many Highlights

Location : At Sea

Enjoy a day at sea, sharing experiences, exchanging stories, photos and films with your fellow adventurers.

DAY 5 - Relaxing on MS Midnatsol

Location : Falkland Islandsa

When we arrive the Falkland Islands, you will experience everything from red buses and English pubs in the capital Stanley, to penguins, hikes in the hills or along the coastline or kayaking clear waters. New Island is an adorable inlet, with sandy white beaches and turquoise waters. It could easily be mistaken for a Caribbean island, if the sun was a little stronger. We pass an old shipwreck on our way ashore to enjoy a day amongst penguins and seals. While we are here, you can join several excursions like history tours, bird watching tours, nature walks and even a scenic plane tour where you can discover the Falklands by air in a classic island-hopping aircraft.

DAY 6-8 - Pubs, Penguins and Perfect Wilderness

Location : Drake Passage

A day at sea is full of activity. By now, our Expedition Team will probably have convinced everybody on board that science is fun! We can promise first class edutainment. Once we have crossed the Antarctic Convergence, you will notice that the air becomes crisper and colder. From deck, you might start seeing icebergs in the water, maybe whales as well.

DAY 9 - Enjoy the Activities On Board

Location : Antarctica

Antarctica is sure to overwhelm you. Endless white horizons, an ocean full of glorious icebergs and whales. Maybe even more awe-inspiring will be your meeting with the huge colonies of penguins. They are not afraid of humans; you can look forward to true close encounters with this most charming of bird species. Come ashore to explore the impressive Antarctic scenery. From deck, there are great chances to spot whales. Enjoy close encounters with wildlife and glaciers, old whaling stations and relics. You are in one of the most remote areas of the world and the sensations are non-stop. We will land several times for unforgettable experiences. Among the locations we may visit are Half Moon Island, Yankee Harbor and Cuverville Island, home to a large colony of Gentoo penguins. Neko Harbor is beautifully located in the innermost part of Andvord Bay, and Paradise Harbor got its descriptive name from the whalers who came here long ago. When the storms were at their worst, this is where they came to seek shelter. The high glacier walls in Wilhelmina Bay convey the mighty power of ice, from calving glacier fronts to floating ice.

DAY 10-14 - Penguins, Icebergs, Seals and Whales

Location : Crossing the Drake Passage

After exhilarating days in Antarctica and the Falklands, the final days on board are spent crossing the Drake Passage. Spend time with family, old friends, new friends and our Expedition Team, and enjoy the farewell dinner on the last evening.

DAY 15-16 - The Beginning of the End of the Adventure

Location : Ushuaia

Arriving in Ushuaia, it’s time to say goodbye. We transfer you to the airport for your flight back to Ushuaia. If you want to have a bit more fun before going home, you are more than welcome to join our optional excursions in the post program.

DAY 17 - The Southernmost Town in the World

November 7, 2018

Departure port


Our Ships Sailing This Route

Sail the coast of South America and Antarctica on board MS Midnatsol, our discovery style ship with unmatched panoramic views.

MS Midnatsol

The MS Midnatsol (Midnight Sun) is dedicated to the wonders of Arctic summer. The ship sails along the Norwegian coast from May to September, and is part of our global Explorer sailings during the rest of the year.

Kayaking adventure

Glide through the white and blue beauty of Antarctic waters with experienced guides leading the way.

2 – 4 hours
$ 199

Bird Watching in the Falkland Islands

Join an exclusive opportunity to see andphotograph the finest of landscapes, fauna, andflora/p>

Approx. 3 hours
$ 133

Puerto Madryn Kayak with Sea Lions

This sea kayak adventure provides close encounters with wildlife, including birds and graceful sea lions. An unforgettable experience!

$ 292

Puerto Madryn – Palaeontology & Welsh History

Immerse yourself in the history of the Welsh settlements in the Chubut River Valley region. Visit the charming town of Gaiman and enjoy a traditional Welsh tea.

$ 233

Puerto Madryn – Punta Loma, Eco-Centre & Estancia San Guillermo

Combine a visit to a typical Argentinian sheep-ranch with stunning sea vistas of Punta Loma and its sea lion colonies.

5 hours
$ 266

Puerto Madryn – Whale watching in Puerto Pirámides

Join a whale-watching adventure off the coast of Peninsula Valdés, providing a close encounter with southern right whales – the gentle giants of the sea.

$ 391

Port Stanley Highlights Tour

This is the ideal tour if you want to see the highlights of Stanley in a short period of time

$ 108

Stanley History Tour

Combine a visit to a typical Argentinian sheep-ranch with stunning sea vistas of Punta Loma and its sea lion colonies.

4 hours
$ 99

Long Island Farm

Experience farming in traditional Falkland style

$ 161

Scenic Air Tour

Discover the Falkland Island’s by air!

$ 499

Port Stanley – Flavour of the Falklands

Discover the essential Falkland Islands by joining a gastronomical journey with traditional local flavors. Add stunning vistas and warm Islander hospitality, and you’re in for an unforgettable experience!

4 hours
$ 333

Falkland Nature Walkm

An ideal opportunity to experience the flora and fauna of the Falkland Islands in detail

Approx. 3 hours
$ 133